Thursday, 27 March 2008

Tartan Tat.

So, another example of how our elected representatives in the Scottish Parliament are continuing to improve the lives of ordinary Scots by passing groundbreaking legislation. This time by pushing ahead with plans for a register of Scottish tartans.

"New legislation aimed at creating a national register of tartans was launched yesterday. Tory MSP Jamie McGrigor has put the forward plans in a member's bill to the Scottish Parliament. His proposals for a register, which would draw together information about the different tartan designs, have the backing of the Scottish Government. Under the plans the National Archives of Scotland would create and maintain the register, with input from industry experts."

Is this really the best proposal for legislation that our elected representatives can come up with? It raises the obvious question about why we should entrust the Members of the Scottish Parliament with even more powers when they make such an unambitious use of those they already have.

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