Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Catch A Falling Tzar.

Mr Smith thinks that Scotland's Commissioners are going to be on the receiving end of decisions by their political masters who have had too much trouble caused to them by the Tzars "independent" status. The good times may be over for the Tzars and Tzarinas ... and did you know that Holyrood had a "Housekeeping Committee"? What do the MSPs do? Take a turn at Holyrood's dusting?

"The system of public service czars is set to be scaled back after MSPs yesterday agreed to reconsider the whole future of parliamentary commissioners. Six commissioners, each with their own headquarters and support structures, should be crunched into three new bodies, with commissioners sharing back-offices, according to the new plan. This was put forward by Tom McCabe, convener of Holyrood's Housekeeping Committee, and was then backed by his successor as Finance Secretary, John Swinney."

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