Friday, 19 December 2008

Loose Lips.

It's nothing more than "propaganda on the rates" which costs massive sums of money and has very little public benefit. What a waste of cash and it can only further erode the principle of journalistic independence.

"A CONTROVERSIAL marketing scheme in which the Scottish government pays newspapers and radio stations to produce content on social topics may be extended to a range of other quangos and public bodies. Roger Williams, the Scottish government's head of marketing, said the scheme - which has previously only involved government health and safety campaigns - could be extended to a range of other public bodies such as national tourism agency VisitScotland, development quango Scottish Enterprise and all health boards north of the Border. Many newspaper and radio executives view the scheme as an essential way to generate advertising revenue in an increasingly tough market. As market share continues to drift online, advertisers are in a position to demand more from traditional media forms, such as radio and print."

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