Monday, 8 October 2007

Away from home.

Mr Smith reads of the latest controversy behind the Edinburgh Accommodation Allowance Scheme as used by Members of the Scottish Parliament.

"TAXPAYERS are paying an extra £500 per month to house an MSP in a hotel in Edinburgh because she has been barred from staying in her own flat in the city. Highlands and Islands MSP Rhoda Grant returned to Holyrood during May after a four-year gap and planned to be based in a flat she owns in the capital. However, Parliament chiefs have now informed her she can no longer claim the allowance to help pay the mortgage on the flat because of rules preventing MSPs from charging for flats they already own."

Now is it just Mr Smith or is the real issue here the fact that an MSP has chosen to rent out a flat which they could have lived in rather than rent out privately? Mr Smith thinks the ball is firmly in the court of Ms Grant who perhaps should be more focused on being a Member of the Scottish Parliament rather than trying to become a property mogul.

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