Thursday, 11 October 2007

Mr Galloway's pay packet.

Mr Smith reads that Respect MP George Galloway is experiencing a bit of a cash flow problem at the moment apparently.

"THANKS to Michael Martin the Speaker, I haven't had any wages since July, another reason for my crushing disappointment at Brown's deflating bounce. If the election had been on, I would have got paid at last. If I'd lost I'd have had a year's wages in lieu. If I'd won, my suspension for 18 days (which will have lasted well over 100 days) would never have to be served and I'd be back on the payroll. I have many mouths to feed. Do you think the editor would be interested in a column twice a week? "

Mr Smith is sure that Mr Galloway has some friends that he can "tap" for a sub, but the way he has been treated by the House of Commons' authorities really smells, whether you like George Galloway or not.

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