Monday, 21 July 2008

Cheeky Monkey.

Mr Smith read with interest the insight story of the Labour Party campaign in the Glasgow East by-election, from Brendan Perring in yesterday's Sunday Times. But Mr Smith also noticed that the print version of the story in Scotland was entitled "desperate days for Labour" whilst in the online version on the Sunday Times' own website this became "they would have employed a monkey."

Mr Smith isn't sure whether the change is an attempt to play up the likelihood of an SNP victory in Glasgow East or an even bigger attempt to downplay Mr Perring's background.

Mr Perring complains that he'd "spent £100 on petrol driving party members around the constituency in my own car, but when I asked if I would be reimbursed, I was told Labour didn’t do that." Never mind. Mr Smith is sure that the Sunday Times will have well rewarded Mr Perring for his 2,100 word insight into the Labour campaign.

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