Thursday, 10 July 2008

Margaret Curran Lives Here ... Not.

It reminds Mr Smith of the bitterly successful Fulham by-election campaign run by now Labour MP and former Labour Minister, Nick Raynsford, in the mid eighties. The only problem is that Margaret doesn't live there and the certainty is that if she, or indeed anyone else, is elected to Westminster to represent Glasgow East they will not spend the majority of their time in the constituency. They will spend it in London.

"Margaret Curran, Labour's candidate in the Glasgow East by-election, was yesterday forced to clarify a claim she had lived in the east end "all my life" after it emerged she has lived in an affluent part of the south side of the city for the past 20 years. The Glasgow Baillieston MSP angrily denied allegations that she had misled voters, although an aide later conceded she may have made a "slip of the tongue". Ms Curran is not the only candidate to stay outwith the Glasgow East boundaries: at the close of entries to the Electoral Office at Glasgow City Council yesterday, it emerged that, of the mainstream candidates, only one - the SNP's John Mason - actually lives there."

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