Thursday, 3 July 2008

Mr T.

Mr Smith reads that the Scottish Government's Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill MSP, is getting a bit of a reputation as being "anti-drink" because of constant admonitions, or so they seem, to the Scottish lumpen proletariat to be careful about how much alcohol they are drinking.

Mr MacAskill's response to this is to continually pose with a pint of beer and keep repeating the mantra that he likes a pint of Tennent's, which he recently apologised for calling "cooking lager." Mr Smith would however like to point out to Mr MacAskill that he risks finding himself in breech of the Scottish Government Ministerial Code which at Section 9.29 states, "Ministers should also avoid promoting an individual company's products or services by association."

Mr MacAskill is fast becoming Mr Tennent's. Who needs to advertise when Kenny is on the case?

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