Monday, 7 July 2008

Labour's Luvvies Lost.

So the Scottish Labour Party can't seem to come up with anyone to fight the Glasgow East Westminster by-election which has probably got something to do with the normally rock solid majority of 13,000 in the seat looking about as shaky as one of those nodding dogs you see in the back seat of some cars.

We now have the latest possible candidate identified as Labour MSP Margaret Curran who as recently as last week was also being tipped as a possible successor to Wendy Alexander MSP as Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, but how is it possible for Margaret to do two jobs, as an MSP and as MP, at the same time? Come to think of it maybe she should ask her Labour MSP colleagues Lord George Foulkes, who manages to do three of them, and Jack McConnell, who seems to manage two at the moment, one of which involves a lot of jet setting.

We knew that Labour were keen on creating jobs, but Mr Smith never appreciated before that it was so that they could have more than one of them for themselves.

But a friendly word of warning for Margaret. The last female candidate that was hand-picked to run in a by-election by PM Gordon Brown was Labour MEP Catherine Stihler ... who went on to loose the Dunfermline West by-election in what had also been a previously "rock solid" Labour seat. But never mind Margaret, even if you lose you will still be able to continue as a Labour MSP, just like Ms. Stihler continues as a Labour MEP.

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