Sunday, 13 July 2008

Help The Aged.

Is Mr Smith the only one to be questioning what exactly is the point of the latest Scottish Government campaign which seems to focus on challenging stereotypes on age? Mr Smith's recollection may be getting hazy but aren't the laws in relation to employment and discrimination reserve to Westminster under the Scotland Act? So why is the Scottish Government spending £640,000 of public money on a campaign on issues it has no responsibility for?

"A CAMPAIGN has been launched to stamp out age discrimination in the workplace. A total of £640,000 is being spent by the Scottish Government on the See the Person, Not the Age initiative, which seeks to dispel stereotypes. The campaign will include television, radio, online and press advertising .."

One thing is for certain, as per other Scottish Government campaigns, it will have no effect and the public purse will be hundreds of thousands of pounds lighter.

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