Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tunnocks Rip Off Scandal.

Fom the Herald Diary, "MEP Struan Stevenson stuck to his Tory principles while chairing the European Parliament Burns supper in Brussels last week, by insisting that all bids in the charity auction be in pounds rather than euros. Just to show how parlous the state of the economy is, a shiny ingot-style block of 18 Tunnock's wafers was described as the new Scottish reserve currency, and was sold to a sweet-toothed expat for £75."

Mr Smith thought that the European Parliament was trying to stop consumers from being ripped off? £75 for a box of Tunnocks wafers is a rip off, even if it was for charity. By Mr Smith's reckoning you could have gotten 444 Tunnocks wafers for £75 and that is at Tesco prices.

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