Monday, 9 February 2009

Bashir Ahmad MSP.

Mr Smith's sympathies go to Bashir Ahmad's family at this time of loss. He was by all accounts a decent man who came into politics for the most decent of motives. He will be missed.

But Mr Smith was waiting to see which publication would be the first to name Mr Ahmad's successor who will be "elected" by default from the Glasgow Regional List to the Scottish Parliament, despite actually failing to get elected in 2007. Step forward the Herald Diary with the information.

"DENNISTOUN'S Anne McLaughlin, who is set to become Scotland's newest MSP for the SNP, reveals in her blog that her first Saturday job was at Woolworth's in Greenock, where she was not cool enough to work on the record counter, and instead was sent to the jewellery counter. "Unfortunately," writes Anne, "I caused such chaos that they demoted me to the sweetie counter. Apparently there was a regular stream of complainers each Monday morning with complaints ranging from that wee lassie gave me a Timex guarantee for a Sekondo watch' to instructions for cleaning silver chains are nae use to me when I want to wind up my cuckoo clock'. The full-time workers loved to utter the words, all them O Grades and nae common sense'." A Government post will surely beckon soon with such talent."

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