Thursday, 5 February 2009


The "special relationship" between Britain and the US is still alive and kicking. At least as much as it has ever been, which is probably not saying very much.

"US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has paid tribute to Britain's "special relationship" with the US, saying it "stands the test of time". She was speaking after meeting UK counterpart David Miliband, her first ministerial-level talks since President Barack Obama's inauguration last month."

Significantly, the US State Department website gave equal billing to the Milliband-Clinton meeting and the one between Secretary of State Clinton and the German Foreign Minister, of which she said:

"We have had an excellent and broad discussion. Germany is one of our closest allies, and we greatly value opportunities like today to discuss the issues that affect our nations and the international community as a whole. ... You know, the longstanding and enduring German-American relationship is close and firm. And as our meeting today made clear, we rely on Germany's support and assistance to face global challenges together."

Looks like the US has loads of "special relationships."

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