Friday, 13 February 2009


Maybe not as dodgy as some of the antics of Scotland's Councillors as previously chronicled by Mr Smith, but Councillor Coleman should have known better given the length of time he has spent in elected office. It makes Mr Smith wonder why he forgot to declare an interest on this occasion?

"A leading councillor is expected to face an inquiry by the public-sector watchdog over claims he helped award a £1m public contract to a firm of which he is a director without declaring an interest. Jim Coleman, the deputy leader of Glasgow City Council, is accused of potentially breaching the Standards Commission's code of conduct by not declaring his interest in The Wise Group when the council committee, which he was chairing, awarded it the contract. The two-year deal, worth more than £540,000 annually, will see the Wise Group run a community service-style scheme for fine defaulters, known as Supervised Attendance Orders, on behalf of the council's social services department."

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