Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Snap Happy.

So, the ink isn't even dry yet on the SNP press release unveiling Anne McLaughlin as a new Glasgow MSP, when the Daily Record manages to come up with a story about Scotland's newest political representative taking surreptitious snaps of MSPs and putting them on her blog.

"New Nat Msp Caught Taking Sneaky Snaps Inside Holyrood ... SCOTLAND'S newest MSP has posted sneaky snaps from Holyrood on her website - before she is even sworn in. Nationalist Anne McLaughlin - who blogs under the name of "Indygal" - was last night accused of "lacking respect" by MSPs furious at her secretly taking photos of them inside the parliament building. The 42-year-old activist, who has been working at Holyrood as a researcher, will be sworn in as a list MSP this week to replace Bashir Ahmad, who died of a heart attack on Friday. Her photos, taken on the day MSPs threw out the budget last month, are accompanied by mocking captions. And last night, Labour's Margaret Curran demanded McLaughlin make an apology to parliament."

Mr Smith also sees that our Anne is a researcher to SNP MSP Bob Doris who has been noted for having some issues with his staff members in the past. Obviously not with our Anne given he buys her the occasional gin and tonic. Mr Smith has nothing against former political researchers becoming MSPs, but wouldn't it be nice for them not to go STRAIGHT from being researchers to being MSPs, maybe having to "pass go" and maybe also getting a bit of real world experience which would broaden out their political and personal maturity? Even if they are already 42.

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