Monday, 30 June 2008


Mr Smith sees that Labour MSP and peer Lord George Foulkes popped up again in the House of Lords on 9th June to plug one of his pet interests during a debate on the EU-Latin America Summit.

"My Lords, can I reassure my noble friend that there are some of us on her Benches who share the noble Viscount's interest in Latin America? I invite anyone else who would like to do so to come to Room 4A at five o'clock tomorrow afternoon when His Excellency Carlos Morales Troncoso, the Foreign Minister of the Dominican Republic, will be the guest of the Dominican-UK all-party group, of which I have the honour to be president."

Mr Smith wonders if Lord Foulkes gets to spend a lot of time in the Dominican Republic in his "all-party" capacity. Mr Smith is sure there is indeed a lot of "party"-ing involved.

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