Saturday, 21 June 2008

Dirty Washing.

From Alan Taylor, "My fly on the wall in Glesca’s Central Station calls on Friday morning with a strange sighting: Dougie Alexander, meenister for international development, scurrying for the Paisley train. About his person he has a see-through bag about half his size. On further investigation my spy confirms that it is full of dirty washing and surmises that Mr Dougie must be heading home to his mum to have his laundry done. Ever the student! Need I remind readers that Mr Dougie is a member of the Cabinet, charged with ending world poverty and unsanitary plumbing? Has he never heard of launderettes? Or bidie-ins?"

Mr Smith seems to recall that a former Labour MP was infamous for making use of the House of Commons large free postage buff envelopes to post back to Glasgow every day the shirt he had worn so that his better half could have it washed and ironed for him ready to take away again the following Monday.

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