Monday, 30 June 2008

Shrink Wrapped.

Mr Smith thinks this story smells of diversionary spin which seems to have worked in the case of the Scotsman to at least down grade Wendy Alexander's "guilty" verdict in Wendy Gate, at least for a day.

"Labour employs psychiatrist to beat Salmond ... Labour hopes that with a little expert help Wendy Alexander will finally get the upper hand on Alex Salmond ... WHEN it comes to winning political battles in the cauldron of the debating chamber, the mind games employed by the chief combatants are all- important. And most observers of the hurly-burly that is Question Time in the Scottish Parliament would agree that First Minister Alex Salmond tends to emerge victorious over his main adversary, Wendy Alexander ..."

Mr Smith has news for Scottish Labour. They are going to need more than a psychiatrist to help Wendy Alexander beat Alex Salmond in a straight forward Question Time challenge. They are going to need a new leader.

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