Sunday, 1 June 2008

Human Football.

From the Herald Diary, "So, while our MPs are filling their boots with expenses, what are our Members of the European Parliament up to, a reader asks. Well, Scots Tory MEP Struan Stevenson, this week played for Germany in a game of human table football. Imagine a large inflatable version of table football where, instead of spinning wooden players on a rod, human players are attached by straps to rods and stumble across, rather than up and down, the pitch, on the rods. The German MEPs, with Struan playing for them, lost 7-1 to Austria. Said a sweaty Struan afterwards: "We were robbed. The Austrians, with their mountaineering skills, were much more sure-footed." Yes, just another day at the parliament."

So that is what Struan Stevenson and our MEPs are up to these days. It doesn't sound like much fun to Mr Smith.

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