Thursday, 12 June 2008

He's Free.

So, SNP Government Minister Mike Russell MSP has decided to resign from the Freemasons apparently in case anyone thought he might be up to no good.

"A SENIOR minister has resigned from the Freemasons because he felt that membership of the organisation would leave him open to criticism. Michael Russell, who has responsibility for the environment, has quit the Bute lodge after being admitted four years ago. A spokesperson for first minister Alex Salmond said he had "no idea" if other ministers were Freemasons."

Mr Smith has no issue with anyone being a member of the Masons and that extends to Government Ministers as long as that is declared by public officials to avoid any suggestions of impropriety. Mr Russell shouldn't have felt it necessary to resign, but the most telling thing is that the Scottish Government doesn't appear to know or even want to know which other of its Ministers are Freemasons. It should. As should the public.

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