Sunday, 15 June 2008

Nanny Creep.

The latest ridiculous example of political correctness gone mad in Scotland.

"FOR almost a thousand years, it has been a demonstration of courage and dexterity, the successful completion of which heralded victory in battle. But the Ghillie Callum, or sword dance as it is better known, has now been defeated by red tape, according to dance judges who have cancelled its performance at a Highland games, claiming a licence is now required to "transport a dangerous weapon".Organisers of the Balquhidder and Lochearnhead Highland games have been forced to strike the sword dance off their Highland dance competition after the judges, who in previous years brought their own swords, said this was no longer possible for fear of breaching new legislation designed to control the carrying of knives."

There seems to be some dubiety about the veracity of this story, but the fact that there is any doubt at all shows that the legislation is either badly drafted or more worryingly that Nanny Creep, with the state intervening on so many issues, is leaving people uncertain about what they can actually do anymore.

What next? Banning the deep fried mars bar?

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