Saturday, 14 June 2008

Heat And Light.

It seems to take a lot to get our Members of the Scottish Parliament hot under the collar, except of course anything to do with their remuneration, pensions or allowances.

"MSPs awarded themselves a £1.4 million increase in allowances for employing staff and running their offices. The cash will be shared out between members – despite a recommendation that constituency MSPs should be better funded than those elected from the regional lists."

Mr Smith seems to recall that one of the first debates in the Scottish Parliament following its re-establishment in 1999 was a debate on the subject of MSPs' allowances which has set the tone for most of what followed in the minds of the public. Perhaps MSPs should be banned from awarding themselves higher salaries or allowances until the public have actually voted that they deserve one because of what they have actually done? For example pass a few good laws, improve the performance of Scotland's public services, increased the country's rate of growth, eliminated some poverty, ... that might focus their minds.

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