Wednesday, 17 September 2008


And he's a former Catholic priest to boot. It makes it more difficult for people to question his motives.

"TO HIS colleagues, he was an unlikely assassin. A former Catholic priest who quit his vocation to pursue his political ambitions, David Cairns was a loyal Labour MP who had never voted against the government and had been rewarded with a ministerial post in the Scotland Office. But last night, he became the most senior member of the party to call for Gordon Brown to go, after he was outed as the minister who, 24 hours before, had threatened to resign if Labour lost the Glenrothes by-election. That forced him to step down. His resignation from the Scotland Office came as a surprise to those close to him: only 12 hours earlier, he had not been planning to quit."

And ironically it managed to overshadow the appointement by new Scottish Labour Leader Iain Gray MSP of his first Shadow Cabinet. The curse of Wendy Alexander is still alive and well.

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