Saturday, 6 September 2008

Pie And Beans.

This says more about Frank McAveety trying valiantly to generate some cheap press interest than anything else.

"A LABOUR MSP today challenged First Minister Alex Salmond to a 100 metres sprint after a Holyrood spat. Labour's Frank McAveety threw down the gauntlet after Mr Salmond made a jibe over a "pie and beans" episode four years ago which saw the then arts minister forced to apologise to Parliament."

Mr Smith says forget about the hundred metres sprint (Mr Salmond has a well documented back problem) and instead why don't we resurrect the political score evening technique of pistol duelling last practiced by then British PM the Duke of Wellington in 1829.

Let's face it there isn't anything that Alex Salmond can't do better than anyone else ... at least in his own mind. Frank would be a goner by sheer force of Eck's ego.

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