Friday, 5 September 2008

The One That Got Away.

So, Members of the Scottish Parliament did it, or rather 72 of them did it.

"Former Labour leader in Scotland Wendy Alexander escaped a Holyrood ban today after MSPs voted against imposing the sanction. The Scottish Parliament's Standards Committee had recommended Ms Alexander be barred from Holyrood for a day after it decided she broke the rules by failing to register donations to her leadership campaign within the required 30 days. But MSPs rejected that by 49 votes to 70, with two abstentions."

What is exactly having the point of having rules, if you can break them without any sanction being imposed? And what kind of justice allows your party colleagues to get you off the hook when you have been found guilty by a process they are meant to uphold? Parliament has made itself look even more disreputable than it already did in relation to the whole Wendygate affair.

She is the one that got away, and in doing so proved that there is indeed one law for them and one law for us.

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