Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Mr Harper.

Mr Smith was sorry to read of the imminent departure of Green MSP Robin Harper as one of his party's Co-Leaders and as a Member of the Scottish Parliament in 2011.

"Robin Harper, the veteran leader of the Green cause in Scotland, is standing down from the party leadership with a reform plea to his party. The Lothian MSP, 68, became the first Green parliamentarian in Britain when he won a seat at the first Scottish Parliament elections in 1999. He gives up his leadership role in November, when a replacement will be elected, and he is to stand down from parliament at the 2011 election."

Who would want to the Leader of a Scottish political party? Only SNP Leader Alex Salmond and the Conservatives' Annabel Goldie still remain from before the last Scottish Parliament elections of just last year.

Mr Smith thinks the Greens will have a hard time holding Mr Harper's Regional seat in 2011 and the Scottish Parliament will be a more boring and less colourful place than it already is. Any chance of changing your mind Mr Harper? Please?

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