Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Cop That Again.

No fewer than three stories on one day which give a remarkable insight into the priorities and operational practices of the small bad percentage of Scotland's police. Although, given the number of cops involved, Mr Smith is beginning to wonder just how bad things actually are amongst Scotland's boys and girls and blue.

Number One: "Six police officers have been removed from their duties as part of an investigation by their force, it emerged last night. Five uniformed officers and one detective officer from Lothian and Borders Police have been ordered not to come into work."

Number Two: "Scotland's biggest police force has been strongly criticised for taking five years to deal with a complaint against one of its officers. In a report to be published today, Jim Martin, Police Complaints Commissioner in Scotland, says the complainer was treated badly by the force and questions whether this was through "maladministration, incompetence or a desire to avoid thorough investigation of his complaint".

Number Three: "A Scottish police force failed to investigate a claim that some of its officers were influenced by the Freemasons, the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland rules today. The finding by Jim Martin relates to a long-running case involving two members of the public and Northern Constabulary."

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