Friday, 24 October 2008

The Youth Parly.

For those of you who missed them, more shenanigans from our largely self-appointed and largely irrelevant Members of Scotland's Youth Parliament (MSYPs).

"The Edinburgh chairman of the Scottish Youth Parliament has reportedly been suspended after an alcohol-fuelled party. The story emerged just days after the SYP beat government plans to stop serving alcohol to under-21s in off licences. It is understood that SYP chairman Kieran Collins, 24, a law student, (not pictured) was suspended along with a colleague for causing a disturbance in a hotel last month, after a two-day conference in Hamilton."

What again exactly is the point of the Scottish Youth Parliament? The official version of what happened in Hamilton is on the SYP website.

But interestingly in the organisations's set of accounts for 2006-7, they state "The total incoming resources for the period were £658,145 (2006: £265,224) and the total outgoing resources were £323,048 (2006: £242,026) resulting in a net operating surplus of £335,097 (2006: surplus £23,198)." This is one Parly that seems to be very big business for all those involved.

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