Saturday, 25 October 2008

Trivial Pursuits.

Fresh from unanimously backing proposals for the creation of a register of Scottish tartans, it would appear that Members of the Scottish Parliament are now forming an orderly queue to pursue a range of other worthy and equally meaningless gesture political causes at Holyrood.

"THE world-famous Stornoway black pudding could be given European protection to stop imitations. An MSP is seeking a protected designation order for the marag dubh, as it is known in Gaelic. If successful, only butchers on the Isle of Lewis will be able to make it. The pudding, a favourite of celebrity chefs, is traditionally made in Stornoway. Each firm uses its own secret recipe. But butchers in Glasgow and Edinburgh have been selling their own versions as Stornoway black pudding. Labour's Highlands and Islands MSP Peter Peacock is hoping to get the support of the Scottish parliament for an approach to Europe's Agricultural and Rural Development Directorate."

World-famous? Come on give us a break.

"NATIONALIST MSP Christine Grahame is leading a campaign to repatriate the body of Mary, Queen of Scots, from Westminster Abbey."

Come on. Do MSPs really have nothing better to do with their time than this trivia?

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