Thursday, 30 October 2008

King Of Freebies?

And Mr Smith is reminded of more of the previous form of the new Secretary of State for Scotland Mr Jim Murphy MP.

"Anti-obesity campaigners, including a government adviser, have criticised the MPs, MSPs and members of the Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies who accepted £15,000 of hospitality from the fast-food giant to attend the event in Cardiff. They were put up in the £250-a-night Marriott hotel, where they were treated to a lavish dinner and a free bar in the company of former footballers, including Kenny Dalglish and Sir Geoff Hurst. The politicians were also given complimentary tickets to the Community Shield match between Manchester United and Arsenal, all courtesy of McDonald’s. The day before, they took part in an inter-parliamentary competition in which they wore T-shirts emblazoned with the company’s golden arches logo. Preparations are under way for a similar event at this year’s Community Shield. The parliamentary teams included Frank McAveety, the sports minister, Robin Harper, the Green MSP, and Jim Murphy, the Scots MP and a vegetarian, dubbed “the King of freebies” at Westminster. Murphy was one of 24 members of the all-party football team who accepted a £25,000 trip to Euro 2004 in Portugal as guests of McDonald’s earlier this month. The hospitality package included return flights, accommodation at a four-star hotel, free meals and drinks and tickets to England’s opening match against France."

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