Friday, 10 October 2008

Man Marking.

There are already signs that the new full-time footie playing Secretary of State for Scotland Jim Murphy is "man marking" the SNP controlled Scottish Government and Alex Salmond MSP.

Mr Smith thinks it is the shape of things to come. It is just a pity that Labour didn't do this sooner. If they had perhaps they would still be in power at Holyrood.

"British Airways has given assurances that further Scottish operations will not be affected after it announced plans to close a base in Glasgow. The company plans to shut down a cabin crew base, putting 130 jobs at risk. First Minister Alex Salmond met BA's chief executive Willie Walsh on Tuesday night and urged him to reconsider the move. Mr Salmond said it was unfair to axe "loyal, hard-working" staff while an efficiency drive was under way ... Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy has written to Mr Walsh offering to enter into "constructive discussions."

Anything that Eck can do, Jim will try and do better.

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