Thursday, 2 October 2008

Get A Life

Courtesy of Drumlanrig, "How do our highly-paid politicians spend their Saturday? Yesterday, Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray issued a press release calling Alex Salmond's team of economic wise men to meet in public. In it, he referred to how the meeting was being held in Dumfries – when in fact it was being held in Dumfries House, in Cumnock. Salmond's aides seized on the error, issuing their own counter press release, mocking Gray's "blunder", claiming he was just as "gaffe-prone" as Wendy Alexander. Meanwhile, in the real world, the global financial crisis thundered on."

Remarkable insight into the world inhabited by our politicians and their bag carriers. People are losing their jobs, the taxpayer is getting dug deeper and deeper into financial red holes and all our politicians can do is email press releases back and forward to each other. They really need to get a life.

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