Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Tufty Club.

And from Drumlanrig again, "A new conflict of interest scandal has hit Holyrood. Our tribunes decided to devote an hour or so the other evening to the plight of the red squirrel, which is fast being chased out of town by its larger grey cousin. Tory backbencher Alex Johnstone – whose recent diet suggests he doesn't eat much more than the occasional rodent – waded into battle on behalf of the little red things. However, before speaking, he declared: "I want to ensure that all members are aware of my childhood membership of the Tufty club. I do not say that entirely frivolously because it shows that, for many of us, the red squirrel is a cultural icon of which we should be proud."A cultural icon? What animal does Johnstone see on the Scottish Royal Standard?"

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