Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bully For Her?

Mr Smith has commented previously on the trials and tribulations surrounding Labour MP Anne Moffat. But it looks as though the previously reported machinations are being dwarfed by her pronouncements about Scottish Labour Leader Iain Gray MSP in the wake of the suspension of the East Lothian Constituency Labour Party.

"THE CIVIL war inside Iain Gray's local party exploded last night when the area's MP accused the Scottish leader of "making friends" with "bullies" who were trying to throw her out of the seat. Anne Moffat, the East Lothian MP since 2001, aimed several digs at Gray for not backing her in a feud with local activists who had tried in vain to deselect her last year. Moffat said Gray was close to a group of people she described as "bullies", "cowards" and "nasty people".

Mr Smith is willing to bet there are members of Anne Moffat's local party who would use exactly the same words ... about her.

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