Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wind-Up Merchant.

Mr Smith is disappointed that Scotland's "new voice" in the House of Commons decided to play truant so early after being sworn in, but Mr Smith thinks that using him to "wind-up" the SNP was probably merited given Labour's achievement in winning the Glenrothes by-election. Humble pie Alex?

"LINDSAY ROY, the headteacher who won the Glenrothes by- election for Labour, has been accused of playing truant on his first full day as an MP. Roy, who was sworn in at the Commons on Wednesday, chose to miss the following day and appear at a photo call at the Scottish parliament instead. One Labour MSP admitted his presence at Holyrood was deliberately used to "wind up" Alex Salmond and other Nationalist MSPs still smarting from defeat in Glenrothes. Iain Gray, Labour's Scottish leader, drew attention to Roy in the public gallery during First Minister's Questions."

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