Saturday, 29 November 2008

Laughing Stock.

"ANGUS councillors have been condemned for “damaging the authority’s reputation” and turning the county into the “laughing stock of Scotland” after weeks of tit-for-tat feuding in the press. A very bitter and heated public row has raged in the media in recent weeks after members of the Angus Alliance and the SNP clashed over changes to the council’s standing orders. The alliance insists that the changes were brought in to provide geographical balance to some of the council’s most influential committees. But the SNP, who saw its most senior councillor unceremoniously kicked off the planning committee in the shuffle which followed, has hit back at what it sees as nothing more than politically- motivated mischief-making."

Yet another example of the very fine mess which local government appears to be degenerating into in some parts of Scotland. Mr Smith thinks they should make more effort to get the hang of this partnership thing.

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