Monday, 17 November 2008

First Class.

Mr Smith wasn't surprised that some of our MSPs would use their parliamentary allowances to travel first class, but he is surprised by the names of some of the class warriors who seem to have adopted the habit.

Bill "Campaign for Socialism" Butler never struck Mr Smith has someone who would opt for the non-proletarian comforts of Scotrail's first class. Never mind. Come the revolution comrades we will all be travelling first class.

"THE Scottish Parliament may have been established to bring politicians closer to the people, but a minority of its representatives would rather avoid the great unwashed when it comes to travelling by train. A Scotland on Sunday survey has revealed that more than 10% of our MSPs regularly travel first class as they commute from their constituencies to Holyrood. Frequent first-class travellers from Glasgow to Edinburgh include Labour MSPs Wendy Alexander, the former leader; Bill Butler; Patricia Ferguson; Trish Godman, Charlie Gordon; Ken McIntosh; Frank McAveety, Pauline McNeill; and Irene Oldfather."

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