Friday, 21 November 2008

Missing Inaction.

It seems to Mr Smith that Jack McConnell really doesn't have any excuses left for not resigning as a Member of the Scottish Parliament. He is clearly not doing the job, and the voters of Lanarkshire deserve an MSP who will actually represent their interests in the Scottish Parliament by being there and saying and doing something at least very occasionally.

The reality however is that Labour will still not to risk another by-election in the murky political waters of Lanarkshire and so he will be allowed to be a part-time MSP.

"Jack McConnell is under growing pressure to resign as an MSP after it was disclosed that he has one of the poorest records for voting and asking questions at Holyrood. The former first minister, who is paid £55,381 a year and receives a £38,454 a year pension, has failed to ask a single oral question in the Scottish parliament and has submitted about one written question per fortnight since Labour lost power in May last year. Other former Labour ministers have asked nearly 20 times as many over the same period. McConnell sits on no parliamentary committees and has missed up to seven times as many votes as his former Labour ministerial colleagues."

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