Saturday, 8 November 2008

Chieftan O' The Puddin'-Race.

Mr Smith couldn't agree more.

"Jim’s a winner in Scotland’s pudding race ... The United States has a new President, Glenrothes has a new MP, the world economy is in meltdown and Aberdeenshire is getting a new golf course - but these events are surely overshadowed by Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy's campaign to secure "protected status" for black pudding ... Mr Murphy, who spent his early years in Glasgow's Arden housing scheme before his family moved to South Africa, is now a vegetarian. The Scottish Secretary is an unlikely Mel Gibson but perhaps the Labour Braveheart's slogan for the next election will be: "They can take away our liberty, but they can't take away our black puddings." It's good to see that while momentous affairs are taking place on the world stage, Scottish politicians know what really matters."

Get back to the big issues Jim. Stop chasing the meaningless headlines.

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