Thursday, 20 November 2008

Trials And Tribunals.

Well it looks as though the details of the mystery from a few months ago about the SNP MSP who abused their member of staff in the wake of the Glasgow East by-election is now out of the bag in the mainstream press.

"THE SNP are facing the embarrassment of the first employment tribunal to feature a member of the Scottish Parliament. Bob Doris, Nationalist list MSP for Glasgow and an aide to the education secretary, is due to face a tribunal as a result of a dispute with Craig Munro, his parliamentary assistant. Munro has been suspended on full pay since June 6, when he and Doris had a heated argument at the SNP's Glasgow headquarters. Munro had been off work suffering from stress at the time, and had gone to meet Doris to try to resolve the issue. However, the encounter deteriorated briefly into a scuffle and the police were informed."

Mr Smith seems to think this isn't the first time that SNP MSPs have had problems with their staff which have nearly ended up at industrial tribunals. What's the betting it never gets to the Tribunal?

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