Saturday, 24 January 2009

Councillor Deans.

Mr Smith has commented previously on the antics of "hokey cokey ... in out" Councillor Colin Deans who defected from the SNP group on Glasgow City Council to join the Labour Party, then perhaps not join the Labour Party and instead become an Independent.

Well he is still listed as a Scottish Labour Party Councillor, but in his very sparse declaration of interests on the Council website, dated 23 May 2007 (which surely must mean it is very out of date and not actually compliant with the legislation under which it is lodged,) he also gives another fascinating insight into his activities by stating:

"I am a freemason and hold office, I have taken higher orders and expect to make future progress."

This might explain why he appears to be so popular with so many of his fellow Councillors in Glasgow. Of all parties.

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