Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Voice Of Liberty.

A really strange article in today's Scotsman, with Conservative MSP and Justice Spokesman Bill Aitken highlighting some of the problems around the Scottish Government's proposed clampdown on extreme pornographic materials.

"Art will suffer under porn ban, warns MSP ... A CRACKDOWN on extreme pornography by the Scottish Government will be difficult to enforce and could end up banning art, critics said yesterday. Downloading images of rape and other extreme material will be punishable by up to three years in prison under laws to be unveiled next month, The Scotsman yesterday revealed.But Conservative MSP Bill Aitken, the convener of the Justice Committee, which will have to scrutinise the proposed Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill, said he had grave concerns over how a new law might work, especially as the new laws on downloading images of rape and serious assault could include simulations between consenting adults."

When Scots have to rely on Bill Aitken to be the voice of liberty in the Scottish Parliament we should all start to be worried about what our politicians are doing with the law and what that ultimately means for our civil liberties.

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