Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Most Expensive.

In all the coverage of the latest set of expenses claimed by Members of the Scottish Parliament, "posh bloke" and Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader, Tavish Scott MSP earns the dubious title of having claimed the highest level of expenses of any of the 129 Members of the Scottish Parliament. He does represent Shetland, but other MSPs represent other constituencies that are arguable just as remote and some many times the size of Shetland.

"MSPs claimed more than £10 million worth of expenses last year including toilet rolls and management guru guides, figures revealed yesterday. The individual expense claims of all the MSPs for 2007-8, as published by the Scottish Parliament, came to a total of £10,250,471. The sum was £10,815 less than the year before, despite the fact that it also included the amount given back to 42 former MSPs who either retired or were voted out of office in May 2007."

Nice work if you can get it. The overall bill may be falling, but there are still in many cases more questions than answers.

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