Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Party Animal.

Just how many political parties can one man be a member of? Isn't it a sad endorsement of the calibre of our elected representatives that any political party, in this case the SNP, actually put forward for election someone who by that point had been a member of no fewer than three political parties, who would then go on to join a fourth, the Labour Party, and who would then probably end up as an "Independent"?

He should resign his seat and let the voters decide whether they wish to re-elect him, but clearly he is very dodgy.

"A councillor who quit the SNP last month and was trumpeted as "Labour's newest councillor" by the party's Scottish leader Iain Gray is now expected to go independent. Colin Deans, a councillor in Glasgow, has confirmed that he is "still considering his options" but has said that he prefers the option of becoming the "loose cannon" within Glasgow City Council. Mr Deans, who has also been a member of both the Conservatives and SDP, said: "I will let the leader of the administration (Steven Purcell) know my final decision when he returns from holiday but if I take the road of being an independent it won't come as a shock."

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