Wednesday, 28 January 2009


This is normally an accolade reserved for our local authority representatives, but Mr Smith has no qualms in extending the nomenclature to Mr Nigel Don MSP. It is perfectly proper for the taxpayer to meet the legitimate and unavoidable expenses incurred by MSPs, but when even they admit to engineering a move of house in order to be able to claim expenses they wouldn't otherwise be able to claim isn't the whole process increasingly coming into disrepute?

"A MINISTERIAL aide has admitted "coordinating" £765,000 in property deals to claim a controversial mortgage allowance that was about to be scrapped. Nationalist MSP Nigel Don was unable to claim mortgage interest on a flat in Edinburgh as he lived in Dundee - which was too close to Holyrood for the subsidy. But the SNP politician sold his family home of 19 years, bought a house in Aberdeen and then used his new found eligibility for the taxpayer-funded perk to buy a property in the capital."

Is it any wonder that the average voter has little time left for their elected representatives, especially when one of them living in Dundee ups sticks and moves to Aberdeen because it is in the political interests of the SNP? For the record Mr Don denies any wrongdoing.

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