Saturday, 23 August 2008

Blooming Great.

"MEMBERS of Scotland's biggest council have been banned from junkets after the Record revealed £24,000 was spent on trips to foreign flower shows. Glasgow councillors' far-flung trips have been ended after the Record used freedom of information laws to obtain details of trips which have cost the city's council tax payers a total of £24,258.74 over the last three years. A council insider said that Labour members had been told to avoid the flower show trips amid claims they were taking "holidays at tax payers' expense" and added: "It was made clear these trips were not on the agenda any more. I think it is fair to say that you will see fewer councillors off to explore the horticulture of distant lands in the near future." Glasgow councillors have flown to Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Belfast and Baden Baden to attend "rose trials" where growers show new varieties. Our April probe revealed that the Tokyo trip attended by Partick Labour councillor Aileen Colleran cost £6555.47. Her party colleague Gerald Leonard, who represents the city's North East ward, went to Barcelona, and Easterhouse councillor Ronnie Quinn enjoyed German blooms in Baden Baden."

Good to see that a bit of press scrutiny has saved the taxpayers some cash. Visiting flower shows ... tut tut tut. Funnily enough Councillor Colleran doesn't mention the trip on her own blog.

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