Thursday, 21 August 2008


"Scottish Liberal Democrats have been warned by their auditors that they may be forced out of business if they do not tackle their financial debts. The party has been told it may be deemed, in accounting terms, to be no longer a going concern, after nearly a tenth of its expenditure last year was not met by income. Yet the Scottish LibDems, who are used to operating on shoe-string budgets, face much lower deficits than their SNP and Labour rivals, which have not been issued with similar warnings."

Presumably the Lib Dems have been singled out because they aren't bankrolled by the trade union movement as are the Labour Party or by wealthy celebrity donors as is the case for the SNP.

But does anyone find it concerning that three political parties that are helping to decide how over £20 billion a year is spent in Scotland, can't even balance their own books?

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