Thursday, 21 August 2008

That Sinking Feeling.

Is it just Mr Smith or is the fact that our politicians never thought to protect their decision to lower class sizes in Scotland in legislation a bit of an oversight, or some would even say, a big b*lls up.

"FLAGSHIP government policies to reduce class sizes in Scottish schools have been thrown into confusion after a landmark legal case. A mother yesterday won a placing request appeal to send her daughter to the primary school of her choice, despite the fact West Lothian Council had previously blocked the move, claiming the class group was already full. Although the authority agreed to the placing request before the full hearing at Linlithgow Sheriff Court, solicitors and education unions argue the case highlights the fact the only primary class size underpinned by the law is 30 - contained in regulations passed in 1999."

They were obviously too busy discussing their expenses at the time to spare the time to deliver a "flagship policy."

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