Monday, 4 August 2008

Polling Power.

"The SNP claimed yesterday that polling evidence showed the party maintaining its momentum in the wake of their Glasgow East by-election last week, putting it ten points ahead of Labour. They say that an analysis of the Scottish segments of UK polls in the course of July, including two polls this week, puts them on 37% compared to 27% for Labour, well up on the only purely Scottish poll a month ago. The Tories are on 17% on this analysis, and the LibDems on 14%, with others totalling 5%. The Nationalist claim this aggregate of polling evidence points to them winning 35 seats in a general election, compared to just 13 for Labour."

Mr Smith thinks we need to take the SNPs claims with a pinch of salt, but then again that is probably what Mr Smith would have said about SNP's claims about winning the Glasgow East by-election ... and look what happened.

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