Friday, 22 August 2008

Life's A Beach.

"AN ISLAND MSP has rubbished internet claims that he walked hand-in-hand along a beach with another man.
Nationalist politician Alasdair Allan yesterday hit back at a website posting by an ex-SNP councillor. Blogger Angus Nicolson wrote that he saw an unnamed politician with his boyfriend on the Isle of Lewis. The politician was later identified as Allan, who has been the island's MSP since last May ... But yesterday Allan said: "Let me just say this. I am not gay. The idea that anyone with a secret gay lover would take them walking hand-in-hand through a village on Lewis on a Sunday is quite a leap of imagination."

Mr Smith tends to think this is an example of a political vendetta by an aggrieved former SNP political hack, but it goes to show that in the days of the Internet everyone can be a citizen journalist ... for both good and bad.

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